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When I was a little girl I was taken round round countless fabric shops by my mother, and  since then have learnt a thing or two about different materials, their qualities and how they should be cared for.  For me fabric is everything so I thought Id share some extra information about the beautiful cloths I use to make your bespoke outfits.

​Liberty is a quintessentially British luxury brand their cotton lawns are the finest around.

Arthur Lasenby Liberty first began creating  Tana lawn in the 1920’s, which is named after Lake Tana in Ethiopia where cotton was and still is grow.   Tana lawn has an extremely high thread count which means has a very smooth almost silky feel.  It is 100% lightweight cotton, and is somewhat crease resistant, equally perfect for summer or for laying underneath a cardigan in winter.

Liberty is  known for their prints, most of their iconic designs were created in the 1920's by the mysterious DS who inscribed his initials on pieces such as Betsy and Wiltshire Berry.   

I am more than happy to work with a customer to choose their own favorite Liberty Print, for orders of non stock Liberty print there is an additional charge of between £10-40 depending on the size of the order. 

Wash at 30C hang dry